Breakwater Hospitality Group

Breakwater Hospitality Group is a multi-concept food and beverage organization based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2018 by Alex Mantecon and Emi Guerra, Breakwater Hospitality Group’s concentration on quality beverages and cuisine transcends dining into memorable spaces with unforgettable location, community social hubs and innovative, creative experiences. 

Drinks. Food. Music. Waves.


Rather than telling you what we do, let us tell you what we believe in…

We believe people forget what you say, but always remember how you make them feel.

We believe true happiness comes from your experiences, not your possessions.

We believe the food you taste, has the ability to tickle your soul.

We believe the drink in your hand, is an instrument in the journey.

We believe the music you listen to, is a reflection of your spirit.

We believe in making waves… join us in riding them!