Round Up Your Crew For Saddle Up Sundays!

Are you in need of a wild west fix? Or maybe just some good old-fashioned fun with your family and friends? Look no further than Saddle Up Sundays at The Wharf Fort Lauderdale! From country music to a wide variety of activities, this event is the perfect way to let loose with party vibes that will have you making the best out of your weekend time.

Eats by: Knotty BurgersThe Piefather, Crème de la Crêpe, and Los Altos Taqueria.

What Will Be Featured At Saddle Up Sundays

A Free Cowboy Hat

Saddle Up Sundays is the place to be, and we’ve got a special surprise just for you. A cowboy hat, completely free, is yours when you RSVP while supplies last. Get ready to flaunt your new hat under the open sky and show off your Western style. This event is all about the experience and looking the part is a must. Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip away and RSVP now, put on your boots, and ride off into the sunset with a fresh cowboy hat!

Line Dancing

Get ready to bust a move at Saddle Up Sundays! This toe-tapping, hip-swaying, line dancing extravaganza is the highlight of the event. You won’t want to miss out on the synchronized steps and spirited music that will have you immersed in a whirlwind of camaraderie and cheer. It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your memory – yeehaw!

Mechanical Bull Riding

Hold onto your hats, folks, because The Wharf Fort Lauderdale will be kicking it up a notch! Introducing the daring, unpredictable mechanical bull that’s ready to buck anyone who dares to ride. Get ready for a thrilling challenge filled with laughter, astonishment, and maybe a touch of vertigo!

Drink Specials

Get ready for a wild ride with Fireball shots and a cool twist. Each fiery shot comes with a crisp, ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. It’s a one-two punch that’ll put out the flames and leave you wanting more. And the best part? It’s on the house with every Fireball purchase but wait, there’s more! All day you can get $35 Ranch Water pitchers to help fuel the fun. Say goodbye to boring Sundays and saddle up for a wild week ahead!

In Conclusion

Everyone loves a good time out and this event has it all. So come on down to Saddle Up Sundays running until the end of January for a chance to line dance, ride a mechanical bull, enjoy drink specials and get a free cowboy hat when you RSVP! It will be a celebration to remember alongside cowboys and cowgirls alike all at The Wharf Fort Lauderdale!

To RSVP for Saddle Up Sundays and get a free cowboy hat at check-in at The Wharf Fort Lauderdale, click here.

To see a list of upcoming events for sign up at The Wharf Fort Lauderdale, click here.


The Wharf Fort Lauderdale

20 W Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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