JohnMartin’s Day 34th Anniversary Party

The 34th anniversary of JohnMartin’s Day is upon us and what a spectacular journey it has been! Come Saturday, September 23rd, a grand party awaits promising to be an evening filled with laughter, memories, and camaraderie. It’s a time to reflect and rejoice, as we celebrate the legacy and vibrant spirit of this day.

What Will Be Featured At JohnMartin's Day 34th Anniversary Party?


Prepare to dance and have a blast! Join us for an incredible night of music, friends, and your favorite Irish Whiskey. We’re celebrating the incredible history of JohnMartin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in style. Get ready to tap your feet and move your heart to the rhythm!

Food Options

The JohnMartin’s Day 34th anniversary bash is more than just a party – it’s a culinary journey! From the Irish fan favorited Bangers and Mash to the traditional Irish Breakfast, you will get a taste of Irish history through the many options offered on the menu.


Get ready to raise your glasses high, whiskey lovers! JohnMartin’s Day 34th Anniversary Party is going to be a whiskey wonderland. They will be rolling out the finest single malts, delectable blends and smooth bourbons. From the peaty brilliance of Scotch to the sweet notes of Irish whiskey, there’s a bottle for every palate. It’s time to sip and savor the good times!

In Conclusion

JohnMartin’s Day 34th Anniversary Party is sure to be one to remember! Everyone is invited, so come and join the celebration. There will be plenty of tasty food, captivating music, and exciting conversation; all the ingredients of a great party. This event gives us an opportunity to celebrate the incredible success and longevity that this institution has achieved over three and half decades. As we come together in recognition of what has been accomplished thus far, we also look to the future with anticipation as we strive to build on this glorious beginning. So clear your schedule and enjoy yourselves at the JohnMartin’s Day 34th Anniversary Party!

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